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Ambassador Liore!

Often in WoW I will do little projects that take a day or two, but I usually stay away from the really big, mammoth tasks. I’m frequently too busy with guild management stuff to concentrate on anything for an extended period of time, and to be honest I’m just not that patient. After 24 hours or so I demand gratification!

However, with the promise of being snowed in this Christmas holidays I decided to take on my biggest character quest ever: Liore, Ambassador of the Alliance. My Exodar rep was about halfway through honored, and I was just over into revered with Ironforge, Stormwind, Darnassus, and the Gnomes. I had a lot of work to do.

The first step was the easiest: doing the starter quests for gnomes and dwarves. I’ve done them so many times on abandoned alts that it took no time at all, particularly seeing as I could just holy nova entire caves. Then it was off to Bloodmyst Isle for Draenei quests! I’ve done these starter zones twice before on alts, but there are sooooo many quests that it still took a full day or two to finish them. The rep was outstanding, though, so I didn’t mind. Finally off to.. ugh.. Goldshire and Westfall! I have run so many alts through these zones that the memories are all squished together. I think I could do Westfall quests while blindfolded, so imagine my surprise to discover that I’ve never killed Hogger or made Westfall Stew on Liore. That was some easy rep, and I enjoyed slaughtering endless numbers of boars by just looking at them.

Okay, what next.. ew, Gnomeregan. There are three quests for there that you pick up in Ironforge and Stormwind, and they are cheap and easy rep. I didn’t run any other instances in the name of becoming Ambassador, although there appeared to be some good quests for Scarlet Monastery in particular. I did a few quests in Loch Modan and the outside of Uldaman. If you leveled up a long time ago, don’t forget the new quest hubs of Forest Song in Ashenvale (Exodar and Darnassus rep) and the little Draenei camp in Swamp of Sorrows (Exodar, natch).

If you’re not sure, take the time to check the faction before you start on an epic quest, hub, or instance. I almost hit up Maraudon before remembering that it’s almost entirely Cenarion Circle rep!

It was about this time that I hit Exalted with Stormwind. One down! It was time to go back and farm AV. Every time I think I’m done with AV, POW – they pull me back in. This time my goal was different. Instead of collecting AV rep or honor points or kills, I needed turn-ins. Five crystals is 20 rep for each Alliance faction. Each 20 armor pieces is 3 rep across the board, as is each of the three Wingman turn-ins. The key, I found, is to ride up to Stonehearth, hang around for the first wave of graveyard defense, then boot it back to Stormpike. Defend the graveyard as long as possible, going to drop off turn-ins every five bodies or so. They don’t last outside of that AV, and once the Horde have pushed over the bridge your turn-in NPCs are going to die pretty quickly.

Anyway, after a day or so of AV I was Exalted with Darnassus and IF, about 500 away on the gnomes, and 3000 away with Exodar. (I must have missed some Exodar quests somewhere, although nothing really stood out when I checked on Wowhead.) I was tired of grinding, tired of AV, and it was time to spend some money. I think all told I ended up spending around 500 gold on runecloth, but it was worth every penny.

Tada! Liore, Ambassador of the Alliance. As well as the title, I also hit the 20 exalted factions achievement, the food and drink ones (from visiting all the different cities and towns), picked up some mounts towards the 50 mount total, loved a lot of critters, and made significant progress towards hitting 3000 quests complete. All told, it was a pretty worthy adventure.

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