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Bloggy XMAS Day 7: my community and life’s little moments

It’s Day 7 of the Bloggy XMAS initiative, organized by Syl to celebrate the intersection of gaming and community.

I created my WoW guild in 2006 and we had our first in-person meetup in Seattle in 2008. I was a little nervous at the time — strange people! from the internet! — but there have been many, many, maaaany more meetups since.

Before I started writing this post I browsed through old albums looking for inspiration about what my little gaming community has meant to me over the years. So instead of words, allow me to share a few photos of things I’ve experienced because of MMOs and the people I’ve met playing them.

Without my guildies I would have never shot a zombie in the face with a shotgun.

I probably never would have cheered as my friends danced the tango on the Las Vegas strip.

I certainly never would have excitedly hoisted (inflatable) Frostmourne into the air during Blizzcon.

It’s only thanks to people I met as a virtual elf that I had a cold PBR in the middle of Portland…

and rocked it out on the BART to Oakland to see Tenacious D play.

I almost certainly would never have eaten pork shu mai with gold leaf on top without the influence of my guild.

And I wouldn’t have gone to PAX Prime and the associated Curse party, where I did the robot with a guy dressed like Wrex.

None of these are fundamentally life changing (although I have some of those stories too for another day). They’re just neat little moments. But these particular events only happened because I became part of a community of MMO players and made some damn good friends.

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