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Bullet Journal Check-In: Spring 2017

It’s a new season, ostensibly anyway, and Spring cleaning is not just for drawers and floors! It’s also a good time to look at my bullet journal and try some new ways to organize things. (Half the fun of a bujo for me is changing things up as I go.) If you want to see how I started the year, check out my 2017 planning update from January.

Before we get into April, let’s finish off March with a memories page:

I bought a set of Fineliner pens from Staedtler in March, which I use along with a big ol’ box of kids crayons for “drawing”. My art skills are still terrible, and I still don’t care. (And if you question whether sunshine needs to be marked down as a highlight of the month, you don’t live in the Pacific Northwest!)

My April calendar is a little minimalist this month.

Okay, on to the weekly spreads! This is my current set-up. Events — dated tasks — go on the left side, and date-sensitive tasks go on the right. The opposite page is for notes, observations, and tasks that can be done any time during the week. I like the style of this layout and how flexible it is, but most importantly it’s quick for me to draw up pages for the entire month at once, which is just handy for organization and makes my Mondays a little easier

April also saw the return of the daily trackers. I’ve tried these before and turned out to be pretty bad about updating them, but I saw this cute layout idea and figured it was time for another try. Some of these are things I want to nag myself about on a daily basis (drink more water, goober), while others are just metrics I’m interested to track, like how many blog posts I publish in a month.

Previously I was writing down television episodes in the daily notes, but this month I broke them out into their own little trackers. I’m not sure about this layout — first, I neglected to make room for additional seasons, which is particularly bad for a show like MST3k where I just hop around between them all. I’m also just not sure this displays what I want it to display. I know a lot of folks create a television-specific collection page, but that doesn’t do it for me. I’m not interested in ensuring that I watch an entire season, or really in a television show itself, but more in being able to look back in December and say, “huh, I binged 18 episodes of The West Wing in January”.

Also, while I write down in my daily notes if I watched a movie that day, I don’t have a collection page because I prefer to stick with my 7-year-old Letterboxd movie diary. Also also, none of this tracks my YouTube viewing, which is what I watch most of all. (Video games all got moved to their own annual chart, which I’ll show off in the next planning update.)

Basically, I need to seriously ponder my media journaling. Goals for May, I suppose!

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    April 17, 2017 at 10:23 pm

    I’m a bit worried that your new computer seems to be HAL 9000!

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