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Cat Context 104: Rise of Iron, More Legion, Luke Cage


This week Elly talks about the new Destiny expansion, Rise of Iron, Liore continues her journey through Legion, and Aro is still unconvinced about watching Luke Cage. Also, we got live questions from YouTube viewers!


* Rise of Iron: is it getting players back into Destiny? Also, lockboxes wtf?!
* Legion: Liore is getting into Mythics and the strange new Mythic+ system that works a lot like Diablo.
* Luke Cage: Is the foley work too squishy? Wait, what kind of a question is that?
* Dragons: Can our YouTube viewers drive Aro insane with troll questions about dragons? PROBABLY.

You can also see this episode as an unedited video:

* Free Music Archive page for our theme, in THE crowd by The Years
* Aro’s Etsy store

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