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Cat Context 108: Punching Nazis and the Importance of Escapism


Liore was out sick for this recording, but Ellyndrial and Arolaide got together to talk about games where you punch Nazis in the face. This clearly has no relevance to current events.

But seriously, if you’re a little burned out on the topical topics, that’s okay, we get it. In this episode we also talk about using games as escapism in difficult times, and how they can be a critical part of self-care. Maybe you’re tapping out for a while by buying every $2 piece of nonsense that shows up on the Steam bargain bin, or maybe you’re enjoying the pantheon of diverse creators and points of view made available through the indie game revolution from the past few years. Or.. maybe you’re punching Nazis.

Also, Aro plays something called “Dino D-Day”! Elly forgets the podcast’s Twitter handle! Liore particularly liked the bit where it was implied that she “sends out show notes”.

This is one of our more sincere episodes, but Liore thinks it’s also pretty darn great.

This podcast is also available as an unedited video:

* Free Music Archive page for our theme, in THE crowd by The Years
* Aro’s Etsy store

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    January 28, 2017 at 7:46 pm

    The only part of this episode I disagree with in any way is the pronunciation of Wolfenstein. It’s supposed to rhyme with Frankenstein.

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