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Totally Legit 110: Zero Dawn! Andromeda! Nintendo Switch!

2017 has been a pretty action-packed year for video games thus far!

Aro and Elly have been playing new release Horizon: Zero Dawn, and although they both have only put a few hours into it, they seem pretty pleased so far. The two talk about first impressions, and Elly even has a couple of sweet weapon tips.

All three of us… have NOT bought the Nintendo Switch. The gang talk about why they passed on the Switch launch experience, and whether they really need a console that lets you play Zelda while at a hipster rooftop wine party. We also discuss the fate of our current portable game devices.. including something called a Vita? Huh. Sony says they’ve never heard of it.

We didn’t even intend to talk about Mass Effect: Andromeda, but of course we did. 11 days, people. Eleven days! CALIBRATE YOURSELVES.

Also, Aro is actually finishing Mass Effect 3! Elly is kind of over WoW again! Liore gets real mad about Bethesda games, even though she wants to love them!

This podcast is also available as an unedited video:

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