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Cat Context 19: “This reminds me of Honey Boo Boo.”

This week on Cat Context we talk about Tiny Tina, argue over convenience changes in MMOs, and then mock Liore for playing World of Warcraft. (Hey!)

Elly owns at least 6 copies of Borderlands 2, so we figured he’d be a good person to ask about the Tiny Tina racism controversy. One thing is certain — when people in the game industry start to lose their jobs over raising difficult questions it’s bad for all of us. Meanwhile in RIFT, Trion Worlds removed falling damage and everyone freaked out. Liore is in favor of the removal, while Aro and Elly argue that falling damage adds flavor to virtual worlds. They’re wrong, but it’s always interesting to hear different perspectives. We also talk about some other big quality of life changes in MMOs in the past, and whether they too upset a delicate game ecosystem.

Also, Liore defends TERA! Aro reminisces about Sega Genesis! Elly plays something called “Battle Cats”!

As always Liore is joined by the most excellent Arolaide and Ellyndrial. What’s MMO are you looking forward to in 2013? Email us at or call our voice mail at (347) 565-4673.

It would be downright awesome if you gave us a vote on iTunes. :)

* PC Gamer on the Tiny Tina controversy
* RIFTJunkies on the removal of falling damage
* Break music is “Good Enough (Geminis Psychosis Mix)” from the 1995 Wipeout soundtrack
* Free Music Archive page for our theme, in THE crowd by The Years


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