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Cat Context 49: Ready Player One review, WildStar patches, ArcheAge alpha


We want your questions for our second anniversary show on Sunday! Leave them in the comments, or call us, or tweet, or send a carrier pigeon!

This week Liore, Arolaide, and Ellyndrial get literary with a review of hit nerd culture novel Ready Player One!

The bestselling book takes place in a virtual world and was referenced all over the game playing internet when the news broke that Oculus VR was bought by Facebook… but is it any good? Elly shares his love of dystopian novels, Aro is baffled by fantasy car designs, and Liore is just a cranky host with an English degree (and a good pun).

In other news, WildStar just released a huge patch with big changes to the UI and the addition of character model options. We talk about our impressions of the relatively last-minute changes before the game’s launch and do a final gut check about preordering the game.

Also, Elly has a emo vampire in Bloodmasque! Aro tells a tale of Orangelady’s new brother in SWTOR! Liore makes happy noises about ArcheAge!

Like to watch? This podcast has a livestreamed video version:

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* Bloodmasque on iTunes.
* Ready Player One on Amazon.
* Our video of the new female Exile models in WildStar.
* Free Music Archive page for our theme, in THE crowd by The Years

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    Cat Context 49: Ready Player One review, WildStar patches, ArcheAge alpha | Totally Legit Publishing
    April 24, 2014 at 12:00 am

    […] questions via the comments, tweet them at us, send an email, or leave us a voicemail over at the main episode page. Thanks for […]

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    April 24, 2014 at 8:26 am

    Very interesting talk of Reddit Player One (which I have no interest in reading, but was totally worth listening to you three chat about). I am also hoping for a three-year Wildstar stint. I was wondering, for the anniversary podcast – what do you think the next two years hold for MMOs? What SHOCKING NEW FEATURE do you think we’ll see? And how have all your feelings about the MMO genre changed since you started the podcast?

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    April 24, 2014 at 8:45 am

    Can’t wait for Wildstar either! :) One thing I was curious about, have any of you been following Star Citizen at all, by Chris Roberts? I am really crossing my fingers about that one! I know it’s not even in beta yet, but I used to be a big fan of the Wing Commander & Freelancer games WAY back in the day, and the idea of a Wing Commander-style MMO with all the associated bells and whistles (space trading, exploring, PVP, combat, etc.) from the cockpit sounds great to me. I do hope though they have a real character generation system and let you do more with your character directly (walking around ships, space stations, etc.) and not JUST piloting ships though.

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