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Cat Context 55: Finally, Casual vs. Hardcore! Steam Summer Sale Purchases!


Ellyndrial is back home, and together with Liore and Arolaide we all sat down to talk about the last couple of weeks in gaming news.

Last week a LotRO Community manager declared that raiders are one of the smallest segments of MMO players but also one of the most vocal. We start out discussing if raiders get more than their fair share of developer attention, and eventually get into that eternal debate: casual vs. hardcore!

Liore’s hardcore sympathies are quickly exposed when she argues that “casuals” the true elitists. At least we can all agree (I think?) that the biggest insulters in MMOs are people who take a game too seriously but are still bad at it. Does the casual/hardcore debate really just boil down to the degree of challenge? Also thanks to a question from Telwyn all three hosts talk about how their approach to MMOs has changed over time, mostly becoming more relaxed in our approach and more appreciative of diversity in games.

Also: We bought things in the Steam Summer Sale! Liore is level 42 in WildStar, while Elly wonders if it’s possible to just fall out of the MMO habit. Meanwhile Arolaide moved a bunch of boxes, animals, and children to a new home in the past few weeks and would like to be very clear that she is not chopped liver.

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* Massively on the LotRO statements.
* The Ancient Gaming Noob feels a moment of smugness relative to raiders.
* Free Music Archive page for our theme, in THE crowd by The Years

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    Wilhelm Arcturus
    July 16, 2014 at 1:24 pm

    I don’t think the idea that raiders are represented in the forums beyond their actual game numbers is news… they are, after all, really into a given game to be raiding… nor is the idea that raiders might represent a fairly small minority of players in a given MMO. I think most people interested in the topic probably at least have a gut sense that this is the case.

    But to have a community manager come out and tell raiders that they aren’t getting any more content because there are more pvp players than raiders and that combined pvp players and raiders don’t add up to even 10% of the population, that is kind of a new and different moment in the MMO world. And then, of course, the venom that prompted the statement from the CM re-doubling after he said it. Not sure we can declare a winner anywhere in that.

    It was just one of those, “Well, that certainly crossed a line!” moments in our little MMO community. The concepts were not news, the way it actually played out was.
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    July 17, 2014 at 1:53 am

    Elly’s comments on lagging behind in WS made me chuckle because that’s how I felt when I came back from holidays last Monday! Then I remembered it’s not a race and that the game just game out, so duhh! :)

    Something that occurred to me: I think you’re spot on that it’s not the ‘real’ hardcore players being jerks on the forums (and there are many elitist jerks there). However, the same should be said for casuals. It’s fair to say that the ‘real’ casuals too, don’t hang on forums whining. They don’t write on forums, they don’t read (or write) blogs, they don’t generally have time for much besides logging in infrequently, right.

    Which of course brings us to an interesting question: Who are all these whiny people on the forums? ;) They’re clearly all midfield players, maybe more similar to one another than they know….and maybe that’s why they’re so annoyed at one another. Wouldn’t be the first time very similar people disliking each other.
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