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Cat Context 60: Divinity: Original Sin, ArcheAge Launches, Dragon Coins


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This week Liore, Ellyndrial, and Arolaide are talking about Kickstarter RPG Divinity: Original Sin, the launch of new MMO ArcheAge, and addictive mobile game Dragon Coins.

The Arolaide household has been playing Divinity: Original Sin in co-op, and Aro talks about how much they’re enjoying this throwback hit. Speaking of throwbacks, Elly and Liore admit that they haven’t played Baldur’s Gate and then Aro swears a lot. Is it cool to skip a classic game because it’s intimidating, or are we just chicken?

Liore has been playing ArcheAge, or queuing for it at least. She talks about her impressions from Alpha, and concerns about the future of land ownership for less than hardcore players. Elly agrees — if ArcheAge can support more casual farmers (with fields and cows and stuff) and the more competition-minded players, it could be very successful.

Also we can’t stop freaking playing mobile gotta-catch-em-all title Dragon Coins, even while recording this episode! Elly talks about Magic again for a few minutes! Liore held hands (wings?) with a virtual pigeon!

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* Dragon Coin codes — Aro: 5665-1013-7386 | Elly: 2480-9318-2782 | Liore: 2201-8594-0458
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  • Reply
    September 25, 2014 at 12:14 am

    Oh man, Hatoful Boyfriend. I started playing it as kind of a joke, but that game will eventually grab you by the feels in so many ways and takes some surprisingly dark turns as you learn more about the story.

    The game is pretty crazy genius, imo. Some parts are probably more enjoyable if you’re familiar with the genre tropes it subverts, but overall it’s a surprisingly good otome game for originally being conceived by Moa (the dev) as a joke.
    Pai´s last post: [Growing Pains]

    • Reply
      Jessica Cook
      September 25, 2014 at 1:44 pm

      Yeah, I bought it kind of as a joke, but it’s surprisingly good and I keep going back to play all the endings. Can you recommend something else in that genre?

      • Reply
        September 25, 2014 at 3:16 pm

        ‘Kiss of Revenge’ by Voltage is one of the legit favorites of mine, it has an interesting plot and some great characterizations for a dating game, imo. Another one I really liked was ‘Ever17: Out of Infinity’ (which has a much more ‘epic’ story).

        A lot of otome/visual novels are simple guilty-pleasure fluff packed with cliches, but there are some gems out there.
        Pai´s last post: [Growing Pains]

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