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Cat Context 61: Blizzcon Musings, The Future of eSports


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This week Liore, Ellyndrial, and Arolaide get together with guildie and popular Twitch streamer Kinch!

Blizzcon 2014 is just around the corner, and the four of us talk about the cancelled Titan, what announcements Blizzard may have up their sleeve, and whether Blizzcon itself is actally that fun or if it’s really just a great excuse to party with your guildies.

Somehow this lead to the topic of eSports and streaming. Even though most of us feel like eSports is a strange and foreign land, we talk abot how it could be made more approachable by gamers who aren’t already into the scene, what the future could hold for the genre in particlar, and why some games are fun to watch while others are not.

Also Elly talks about the changes in D&D 5e (yes, tabletop)! Aro literally cannot stop playing Dragon Coins even if she wanted to! Kinch is cavalier about death in Don’t Starve!

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    Wilhelm Arcturus
    October 10, 2014 at 10:58 am

    I don’t know, somebody who sounds really into esports talking about how much more accessible esports are than current professional sports strikes me as a bit dubious. I mean, show me anywhere outside of South Korea where esports have anything like the mass appeal of even NHL hockey, the only professional sport in the US market that might have to worry about soccer some day.

    Also, general comment on the show… you know there is this thing called “the internet” where you can look things up pretty quickly rather than just going on and on during the show about how you don’t remember if BlizzCon is two days or three or what year they skipped it. (Though Liore was right on that one, though for full points she would have had to say they skipped it because they claimed they were too busy to host it.) I know it is possible because I used to do it during podcasts, back when I used to get invited on to podcasts. Doesn’t pay to be a smartass it seems.

    Finally, I have a tip from an insider that Blizz is going to announce something at BlizzCon that they are all totally excited about, but for the life of me I cannot conceive what it might be.
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    • Reply
      Jessica Cook
      October 10, 2014 at 11:25 am

      Well. Thank you for the comment! I will try to more carefully edit out us “going on and on” in the future.

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