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Cat Context 62: Gettin’ Scared with Spooky Games and Movies

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It’s almost Halloween, and this week Liore, Ellyndrial, and Arolaide sit down to talk about scary games, spooky movies, and what gets our hearts pounding and our adrenaline rising.

Liore starts the discussion with a confession: she loves scary movies, but has a hard time playing scary games. Meanwhile Aro chimes in with some of her favorite scary games (hint: Silent Hill 2 comes up a lot), and Elly comments on the different kinds of “scary”, from plain old gore to more intellectual ennui.

We love zombies but agree that they’re handled pretty poorly in movies and potentially less so in games (same with vampires). And scary space stories — we want more of those in both games and movies, but perhaps the necessary design restrictions of games makes it difficult to convey being alone in space? No matter what, we think games should look to scary movies when considering pacing.

Also, Elly hasn’t seen Alien! Aro is unconvinced about scary games with no weapons at all! Liore is sooooo bored of modern grimdark horror!

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