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Cat Context 73: Star Wars, Batman v Superman, Superhero Movies, Dragon Age


There was a technical problem while recording so the audio is not as high quality as usual. Thanks for bearing with us!

This week Liore, Ellyndrial, and Arolaide are joined by friend to the show Corranhorn to talk about superheroes, mobile games, and a trailer for a little movie that takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

That’s right: the trailer for the newest Star Wars movie was released this week and despite the fact that Aro refuses to watch it just yet we still manage to dissect every frame along with superfan Corr. Even the most resistant of the crew (Liore, obvs) admits that it’s a pretty awe-inspiring trailer and definitely an improvement over the previous sneak peek. And that opening set! And the cameo at the end! And the music and the cinematography and okay let’s face it, we’re nerds for space.

What we’re not nerds for, on the other hand, is superheroes. Elly, Aro, and Corr defend the genre in general, but everyone agrees that the new Batman v. Superman trailer is underwhelming at best and not much of an improvement on any recent Superman movie. Meanwhile Liore is bored of superheroes — so bored, you guys — and defends her position via the medium of ranting. Are superhero tropes boring now? Is the whole Marvel content calendar of movies a bad idea? Does Liore just hate fun? (No!)

Also Aro and Cullen are sittin’ in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G in Dragon Age: Inquisition! Elly is playing a weird Japanese mobile game about cats! Liore is hooked on Puzzle & Dragons!

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* The Star Wars trailer
* The Batman v Superman trailer
* Aro’s screenshot Tumblr
* A cool blog post on how to play Neko Atsume
* Free Music Archive page for our theme, in THE crowd by The Years

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