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Cat Context 80: WoW: Legion, DOTA 2 International, More Anime!

This week Liore, Ellyndrial, and Arolaide talk about the World of Warcraft: Legion announcement, the DOTA 2 International, movie “The Kingsmen”, and more anime!

Last week Blizzard announced their latest expansion, titled “World of Warcraft: the kitchen sink”. Okay, okay, it’s actually called Legion, and Aro is overcome with lore nerdery. Liore wonders what happened to Garrisons, and all three discuss the viability of artifact weapons. Do blacksmiths deserve to be cranky about their profession? (Elly says no.) The crew is across the board on whether they will play Legion or not, ranging from likely to unlikely to “time is circular so it is an inevitability”. Wait, what?

Liore watched a lot of the DOTA 2 International tournament and still doesn’t understand what is going on. Elly watched new movie The Kingsman, and he describes the ending as “butt-sexy”. Somehow this also gets Aro to shout about poop demons.

Also, Liore is being haunted by an ice cream truck! Elly gives parenting tips with Ke$ha songs! Aro only says a couple of things about Dragon Age: Inquisition!

This podcast is also available in unedited form as a video. Behold:

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