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Cat Context 86: Blizzcon, Extra Life, Hair Mods, Role Playing


This week Liore, Arolaide, and Ellyndrial look back at Extra Life and Blizzcon weekend, talk about our philosophies of role playing, and discover what it takes to have ridiculously good looking hair in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Liore is super busy this week and doesn’t even have time to write this post, so instead you get the notes she took while editing:

Extra Life!
– Soma
– Get in the car, loser, we’re playing Heroes of the Storm
– Final Fantasy VII because the 90s are STILL GREAT

– Slowly falling behind in expansions, forever

– Transmog changes are too little too late
– WoW: Legion stuff was underwhelming
– Let’s fight about the Overwatch pay model!

Dragon Age: Inquisition
– Aro is adjusting 17,000 hair vertices by hand, literally

– I get schooled on role playing

This podcast is also available in unedited form as a video. Behold:

* Free Music Archive page for our theme, in THE crowd by The Years

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