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Cat Context 97: Dark Souls, HoloLens, Uncharted 4, Hell Yeah


This week Liore, Elly, and Aro sit down to talk about platformers, games that are very hard, and … dragons attacking London.

Aro has found a platformer that does not make her angry! It’s Hell Yeah! and she talks about why her old lady fingers find it doable. This somehow leads us into a discussion of Uncharted 4, which comes out in a few days. Elly and Aro try to persuade Liore that the entire Uncharted series is worth playing for the story, but she seems skeptical. They also argue that it’s basically the video game version of The Mummy, which admittedly sounds pretty fun.

Meanwhile, Liore was struck with Playstation 4 madness and tried playing Bloodborne. It turns out that the game is really hard, you guys! Like, really really hard. She talks about why it’s so hard, and the gang discuss the place of punishingly difficult games. We’re glad they exist, even if we’re not sure we want to play them.

Also, Elly reports back on his experiences with Augmented Reality via a HoloLens! Aro tells us about the glory that is the horrible genre movie Reign of Fire! Liore is excited for May’s PS Plus games!

This podcast is also available as an unedited video:

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