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    What’s in a name? Also, where am I?

    If you’re reading this post on, it probably looks a little weird. That’s because it’s intended to be read on, the all new URL and name of this site!…

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    2016 wrap-up: whatever, man

    I haven’t published much here lately, despite having a drafts section filled with half-written posts and random thoughts. I’m having a difficult time finding the motivation to complete a post. Like,…

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    Wrtiting #TBT

    Blaugust is here again, only this year it’s a revised, “chill” edition where the goal is to blog on a schedule, and not necessarily every day. I appreciate the change — I…

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    July Goals

    It’s a new month and although having a 3-day weekend to kick it off means getting a bit of a late start on serious business July, it’s still time to stare…