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Diablo III Open Beta Screenshots

Oh Blizzard, you devious bastards. This weekend’s open beta for Diablo III only has 13 levels, but that was enough to remind me of the joys of click spamming and loot gathering. As a casual player of D2, I’m definitely not disappointed.

Thus far I’ve played a monk and a witch doctor, and of the two I have to say the witch doctor is way more fun. The monk is a magic/melee hybrid, kind of like WoW’s enhancement shaman, and it felt pretty generic. By level 6 on the witch doctor, by comparison, I could summon patches of zombie hands and a team of zombie dogs, and throw jars of spiders at people. JARS OF SPIDERS. No fire punch is going to beat that.

I’m going to try all the classes over the weekend for a fair comparison, but in the meantime here are some screenies from my monk, mostly showing off the various UI elements.


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