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Mo’ Games, Mo’ Problems

Just a few quick notes today as both work and play are kicking my butt this week.

  • Tyrande Whisperwind finally got a makeover! I think most if not all of the other female major lore figures in WoW have been freshened up before now, and Tyrande and her Mooncloth Robe were certainly overdue. Blizzard is typically pretty bad at powerful armor for women, and this is no exception. (Seriously, check out Azshara’s pasties.) One of my friends said that Tyrande is rockin’ the “Victorian Stripper” look, and that seems about right. Her skirt was caught in a lawnmower — perhaps the same one that ate her left sleeve. She has one shoulder pad and .. greaves with 3″ heels? Did she raid Beyonce’s closet? “Just call me Tyrande Fierce!”
  • Glitch launched yesterday! What happens when some of the brains behind Flickr and GameNeverending and the creator of Katamari Damacy get together and make a browser-based MMO? Whimsical fun, that’s what. Glitch has no combat and no gear. There is “just” exploring, crafting, building, and changing your world. You can also pet trees. I’m going to do a more thorough write-up in a couple of weeks, but my initial impression is that this game is soothing and delightful. Support the indie developers and folks with unique ideas, and go give it a shot!
  • New hats! In better-than-Tyrande Blizzard armor design news, T13 for priests was finally released and even though I don’t play WoW anymore I gotta say: that’s a great hat.
  • RIFT’s patch 1.5 is released today! This is a huge patch even by Trion’s standards, with a total rogue class overhaul, a new warfront, planar advancement points, 1-2 person skirmishes, and of course an impending new event. This video implies there is a giant spider mount somewhere and as an arachnaphobe I am a little displeased about that. I’m still figuring out all the rogue DPS changes, although according to this chart my preferred build is played by someone who lives in their parents’ basement and lost most of their fingers in a lawnmower accident. Seriously.
  • Some little game announced its release date over the weekend! Who has two thumbs and already booked the week between Christmas and New Years off? Aw yeah, this bounty hunter. While I’m still not sure how good SWTOR is actually going to be in the long run, I do feel absolutely confident that it will be fun as hell in the short term and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on it. I love the first few weeks of an MMO: everyone is happy, everything is a surprise, and there is a real sense of server-wide camaraderie. So: will you be there when SWTOR opens?
  • Finishing up The Wonderful End of the World on Sunday made me realize how many little indie games I’ve bought for Steam, and how few of them I’ve finished. It inspired me to make a serious effort to clear out my backlog, made all the easier thanks to Backloggery and this tool to import your Steam list into Backloggery. (Requires LUA for Windows, then run steam2backloggery.lua.) Last night I finally knocked out the last few points for Atom Zombie Smasher, which if you like tower defense games is an absolute must-buy.

So many games, so little time.. and it’s only going to get worse between now and the new year!

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