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First Impression of WildStar Dungeons

So as of last night I’ve finished both of the level 20 dungeons in WildStar, and at the risk of being a fangirl my first impression is: yay!

Neither of the dungeons are pushovers, and in fact I died many times in each. However despite the number of deaths I never felt as though they were due to sloppy encounter design, or insta-kill mechanics. You can make mistakes, at least at this level, but if you make too many in a row you’re gonna die. That’s my kind of difficulty.

It isn’t surprising given the whole telegraph system that one of the key features of boss fights is mobility. Fortunately I’d already gotten the hang of double-tapping in a direction to dodge, but I quickly discovered that the “sprint” key is not just for going faster when questing and a second or two of speed can make a big difference.

The fights themselves are really enjoyable although I’m having a tough time putting my finger on why that is exactly. They remind me a bit of Heroic Mimiron, which was always my favorite fight in WoW. I like running around, I like “mini-game” phases, I like controlled chaos.

I started this post with the intention of writing a somewhat serious and lengthy first impression, but you know what? They’re just fun, okay! That’ll do for now.

Instead of words, please enjoy this video I made of us killing all 3 mandatory bosses in Ruins of Kel Voreth.

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    June 12, 2014 at 10:36 pm

    OMG, that looked like so much fun, especially the last boss. I am only level 18 but hope to get there soon. How does healing feel?
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