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Fifth Day of Listmas: Favorite Podcasts of 2013

Murf vs. Internet has organized a “Blogger Listmas“, where folks write lists every day during this, the listiest time of the year. You can see more at his site, or look for the #Listmas tag on Twitter.

PS: No “best games of 2013” list — you’ll have to listen to Cat Context and Game On over the next couple of weeks for that. ;)


Back in August I talked about some of the general MMO podcasts out there, but that was just dipping my toe into the huge number of podcasts available, on games or otherwise.

I listen to podcasts a lot. A lot, a lot. (I find headphones are marvelous for being out and about on days when the ol’ social anxiety is flaring up.) Below are four shows that make me genuinely excited when I see an update.

PS: Recommendations of shows I might enjoy are greatly appreciated!

The Bugle – “Audio newspaper for a video world”

John Oliver Andy Zaltzman
If you haven’t discovered it yet, The Bugle consists of former Daily Show funny guy John Oliver and his fellow comedian pal Andy Zaltzman talking about news and politics from around the world. John is a master of high outrage, and Andy is so (purposefully?) unfunny that it actually loops around again into being hilarious. While the US and UK are certainly not ignored, one of the great things about The Bugle is that it talks about news from countries we don’t usually hear about in North America. Yes, it’s satirical, but funny and smart at the same time.

Also, it was The Bugle that coined the term “Fuck-eulogy” (say it out loud), which is just sheer brilliance.

The FPlus – “Terrible things, read with enthusiasm”

If you haven’t noticed yet, the internet is full of terrible and useless content, from forum rants by guys who hate “3D” women to WikiHow articles on “how to wear casual clothes on the weekend”. (Yes, that last one actually exists.) Oh sure, you could ignore all that stuff, or get angry about it, but isn’t laughing so much better? The FPlus has a team of “ridiculists”, some professional voice actors and some just fans of the terrible, who read these nuggets and have a great time doing it. Pretty much every episode of The FPlus makes me laugh out loud at least once.

Welcome to Night Vale

I think Night Vale became a genuine phenomenon this year, so you’ve probably already heard about it. Welcome to Night Vale is a community radio show for the small desert town of Night Vale where strange and terrible things happen. Sometimes it reports news like the Glow Cloud that rains dead animals running for the PTA, other times it has warnings to stay inside and close your eyes because the street cleaners are coming. Welcome to Night Vale ably balances the macabre and the oddly sweet, and the show as a whole feels like a rebirth of the radio plays of yore. And now… the weather.

How to Murder Time – “Podcasting about games and things”

Mad props to j3w3l at Healing the Masses for suggesting this show earlier in the year. How to Murder Time features friends Jon and Tim talking about video games, whether it’s simply what they’re playing or more topical episodes like taking on games reviews or console comparisons. (MMOs are often discussed, too.) The show has that trademark dry British humor that I enjoy, but is also quite smart and always informative.

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    December 26, 2013 at 3:16 am

    You’re welcome! It’s a great show and that British accent is kind of irresistible.
    j3w3l´s last post: Listmas 2013: New Shinies for the new Year

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