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Friday Five: things I do instead of levelling in WildStar

Yes, one more WildStar post for WildStar launch week.

First thing first — here’s an animated gif that was made by Arolaide at the behest of Ellyndrial. In truth I don’t think WildStar or any game is a “WoW killer” and I wouldn’t want WoW to get “killed” anyway. Diversity in our MMOs is great, and Blizzard is very good at what they do. That being said there’s room for a little friendly ribbing, right?


My main character in WildStar, cunningly named Liore, is levelling as part of a duo. Unfortunately the other half of my duo decided that he didn’t like Esper any more and really wanted to level as Engineer (a reasonable thing this early in a game!) and so I’ve spent the last two evenings doing things aside from levelling while he catches up. As it turns out I have a number of options.

Have a great weekend, and if you’re playing Exile on Evindra give a wave to anyone in Cats in Space!

1. Play the cooking game.

Did anyone else’s jaw drop when they clicked on the “Tech Tree” tab for a profession? Crafting in WildStar is deep, man. For cooking in particular you discover recipes by trying to target them in what is essentially a grid. You combine 3 ingredients that you buy on the spot along with one or more farmed items, and each ingredient moves your target in a different direction. “Failed” crafts will just give you basic food items and a hint as to where the real target is.


Failing 3 times in a row can give you a nice triangulation for your true target, and once you craft, say, Spicy Jerky the first time you feel kind of like a champion.

2. Making money.

Oh, the early days of an MMO when everyone is broke. Everyone is scraping and saving to afford a mount at level 15 (10 gold) and level crafting and buy skills and don’t even get me started on purchasing proper lighting for my rockethouse. I figure low level crafting resources will never be as in demand as they are right now, and I’ve been making pretty good money from taking both mining and survivalism (wood gathering, essentially) and selling the raw materials on the Commodity Broker. (Here’s a hint: both the Buy Now and Sell Now options are bad for profits. Always place buy orders and sell orders instead.)

3. Finding datacubes.

Datacubes are pretty much exactly like datacrons in SWTOR — little collectibles that are hidden around the world. In WildStar, clicking on a datacron will unlock a short piece of lore. It doesn’t do anything for you, but particularly as someone playing the Scientist path I feel compelled to collect all the shinies! Also the world of WildStar has a pretty decent amount of stuff to see tucked away in the corners of the map, so I enjoy exploring.

4. Playing interior decorator.

Housing in WildStar is a lot like Dimensions in RIFT with two big exceptions: there are more pre-made objects, and plugs let you put genuinely useful things on your plot. (More on this in a moment.) As far as decorating goes, though, it’s very similar and the only limit is your imagination and gold on hand. I’m still working on my stairs, but Arolaide already made a sweet loft in her rocketship:


5. Visiting neighbors.

Speaking of useful plots, I try to do a tour of all my neighbors every day or two. Not only does this give me the opportunity to see all of their neat decor, but also I can try any challenge plugs they have active and harvest their stuff! Players their harvesting plugs to reward a portion to the owner and a portion to the harvester, and plugs regrow roughly every 30 minutes. This means if I empty out a neighbor’s mine while they’re offline, we both get the benefits. It’s a pretty great system and I can’t wait for proper floating guild neighborhoods in the sky.

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    June 8, 2014 at 4:12 am

    I have 3 neighbours, and I’m off to poke around! I ninja-used one of their crafting tables last night, loved that. Haha.
    Jaedia´s last post: Tears Of Laughter & My WildStar Addons

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