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How to Create and Use a Claim Flag in Landmark

Landmark House Claim

** This information is correct as of the Closed Beta in April 2014 **

There are currently no tutorials in the Closed Beta stage of Landmark, and while that makes sense from a development perspective it’s also kind of confusing for new players. So behold: step by step instructions on how to create your first claim flag as a newbie in Landmark.

Stage One: Crafting a Copper Pick

Landmark copper pick recipe

1. Claim flags require “Tier 2” materials, so first we have to upgrade your pick. Run out into the wilderness and look for rust colored patches on the ground, usually around mountains or foothills. Start digging by hitting “1” on your keyboard to activate your Stone Pick and then pressing and holding the left mouse button over some copper. Copper patches will not only give you Copper Ore (obvs) but also the random rare drop Elemental Copper. Mine until you get 1000 Copper Ore and 10 Elemental Copper. (Hit “i” on your keyboard and then click on the materials tab to see your inventory.)

2. Tree chopping time! Find some trees. Hit “2” on your keyboard to activate your Stone Axe and then press and hold the left mouse button over a tree. Chop it down all the way. Keep going until you have 25 pieces of “Heartwood”, a random rare drop from all trees.

3. Next you need a desert biome. If you spawned in one to begin with (do you see a lot of sand?) then skip to the next step. Otherwise, head back to the portal where you started (hit “m” to see the map). Click on the floaty blue stone in the center of the portal, and select Dune. You are now on the Dune island!

4. Run around a look for a patch on the ground that is bright orange — something similar but much brighter than copper’s rust color. That is Agate, and you need 20 of them.

5. Head back to the portal and click on the Forge crafting station.

6. Craft all of your Copper Ore into Copper Ingots.

7. Craft a Copper Pick and equip it. Hooray, Stage One complete!

Stage Two: Crafting a Claim Flag

Landmark Claim Flag Recipe

1. Go click on the blue stone in the middle of the Portal and select any zone that says “(Tier 2)” after the name.

2. Mine iron — it’s in locations similar to copper, but has a dark blue tint. You need 7 Elemental Iron, which is a random rare drop like Elemental Copper.

3. Mine Aquamarine. It looks like a very bright blue version of Iron. You need 10 Aquamarine.

4. Head back to the portal, and click on the mill crafting station. Craft a claim flag. Easy cakes, Stage Two complete!

Stage Three: Using your Claim Flag

Landmark House Claim

Whoever built this is way better at Landmark than I am.

1. This is the step that can take a while: find a place you like. Take your time, travel to all of the islands (any Tier) and see what kinds of biomes there are. Look at the map and make sure you have “Display available claims” checked at the top. Any area with a red overlay is not available.

2. Once you are standing in a spot you like, right click on the Claim Flag in your inventory. Landmark will ask you to click on a map where you’d like your claim flag. If the square outline is blue, you’re good to click!

3. Congratulations, land owner! Now pay up! Hit “u” on your keyboard right away. This is where you pay for your claim. The price as of writing this is 300 copper ore per day, and you can bank up to 5 days of copper (1500). If you don’t pay your 300 copper ore you’ll lose your claim. The first day is paid for you.

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  • Reply
    April 5, 2014 at 1:28 pm

    Excellent guide :) Took me about 3 hours of faffing about to figure all that out. Wasn’t bad faffing about, but was mildly frustrating in hindsight.
    Talarian´s last post: Holy Paladin, Batman! WoD Alpha Patch Note Discussion

    • Reply
      April 7, 2014 at 5:49 am

      Useful post!

      It was not at all obvious to me how I was supposed to create a claim when I first started.

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  • Reply
    Wilhelm Arcturus
    April 8, 2014 at 8:10 am

    A timely and informative post that ultimately tipped the balance and convinced me not to bother trying to grab a claim during my 7 day beta access tour.
    Wilhelm Arcturus´s last post: The Seven Day Landmark

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