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Just let me raid already, or the woes of being slow in FFXIV

Back in the early, heady days of Blaugust I wrote a “FFXIV August To-Do List“. I tried to keep the list manageable, limiting it to six items that were not too taxing.

I failed to complete any of them.

In fact, my FFXIV subscription lapsed shortly after writing that post, and it took a few weeks before I renewed it. I like the game! I like the story and the characters. I like the mechanics, and the costume gear. (Seriously, I played GW2 for a bit recently and having to go and loot things feels almost insurmountably archaic now thanks to FFXIV.)

But being behind all the time, as I’ve written about earlier, starts to get to me. Also, while I’m in a lovely guild with lovely, helpful people, my usual gaming hours of choice are 9:30 – 11:30 p.m. when few people are online. My partner quit, preferring to focus his grinding time on a constant series of rifts in Diablo III. I play alone, slowly Stone II-ing things to death. Oh, the pathos.

As much as I love the story in FFXIV, and I like a grindy game, I just want to be raiding already. Raiding once or twice a week with my super awesome but quite casual FC would give me some of the camaraderie that I love in MMOs. It would give me the satisfaction of playing my job of choice well — White Mage is about healing groups, not DPSing quest enemies — and take me to new, unseen zones where there are new, unseen challenges.

As it is I know I have 30 – 40 hours of content at least still in front of me before I can even set foot inside a Heavensward raid, and by that time I’m sure I’ll need to run a billion things to gear up for the next encounter.

FFXIV is definitely the MMO most suited to my tastes right now, and I enjoy it quite a bit in theory, but I wish I could just skip ahead and be with the rest of my FC and play what I want to play. Perhaps this is just more of my evolution into a filthy casual, but I have never enjoyed leveling in any MMO ever beyond a handful of hours and having the end-game gated behind many many many hours of questing is sapping my motivation to play.

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    September 16, 2015 at 3:23 pm

    FYI in GW2 there is an area loot option, which most people bind to a key such as ‘c’. Every time you think you might get loot hit ‘c’ and it is looted. It becomes so automatic that it feels like auto-looting now even though I i’m hitting ‘c’ at some stage. It becomes an automatic and sub-conscious thing you do even in the middle of mass PvP fights.

    Not quite as smooth as FFXIV I agree, but still very easy.

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      Jessica Cook
      September 16, 2015 at 3:55 pm

      Nice to hear from you, Mr. Turkey! And thank you for the tip — that is roughly a billion times easier than individually clicking on corpses, and will greatly improve my GW2 experience.

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    September 17, 2015 at 1:01 am

    It always amazes me when I hear that people don’t like to loot their kills individually. It’s one of the key tropes of playing MMOs for me. When the game tries to do it for me it feels like someone leaning over my shoulder and pressing the keys while I just watch. Autoloot in FFXIV wasn’t too unbearable but mainly that was because there really is no real loot at all in FFXIV, which is a much bigger problem.

    Of course, I’m also on the extreme opposite end of the scale on the leveling question. MMOs are leveling as far as I’m concerned. The endgame is the bit that rarely interests me. The level cap tends to be a signifier that it’s time to start another character and level up again.

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