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Mods, Layouts, and More Quitting Your Guild

My recent treatise on How to Quit Your Guild seems to have gained some notice, and this morning was linked in a retort by Gevlon. He recommends that people in most situations refuse to go quietly, decline to talk to their officers, call specific people out, and basically try and cause as much unrest as possible. Perhaps it’s my Canadian politeness, but I just don’t see the point. If, as in his example, one feels that their guild is not strict or focused enough, why not just move to another guild that better suits the player? Doing that and having a hissy fit against the machine seems .. selfish, to be honest. Your old guild will, ideally, continue to be happy with their old ways, and you will be happy with the ways of your new guild. Everyone is happy, and basic social niceties still stand. Hooray!


My fledgling shadow UI is atrocious. Witness the horror that is currently my playing area (cropped to show just the center):


Blargh! So first on the left and top right of my character I have ClassTimer. I added it on the right just so I could see when Shadow Weaving was fully stacked, and my Inner Fire timer and a few other things show up there. I’m starting to think that I should just move it back down to my user frame. I don’t need to check on Shadow Weaving THAT often, and running around out of combat with an Inner Fire timer floating in the middle of nowhere is making my OCD side crazy.

Since I was already using ClassTimer, and I’m used to how it looks, I’m still using it on the top right for debuff bars. I should, really, eventually switch this over to DoTimer, although it kind of intimidates me. (I unchecked the “Simple Mode” setup for DoTimer, and my jaw fell to the floor.) I DID manage to get it set up correctly as a cooldown timer, which you see on the lower right of my character. The biggest adjustment I made was having the “ghost bar”, like Mind Blast in this image, last 15 seconds so it will definitely catch my eye.

Right above my user frame is Quartz. Quartz is, as many people know, an awesome casting bar. The latency and GCD information is stuff I need to see — while I was quite good at anticipating the GCD on my healing spells, for some reason I am terrible at it with shadow. Quartz has little extras that pop up every so often during combat (debuffs? something..). Usually this happens in the middle of fighting a rather cross dragon, so I just shout rude things at my monitor and promise to look into it later.

Right now I’ve kept my old Pitbull user frames, complete with the totally unnecessary casting bar.

I played around a bit with IceHUD as a replacement for Pitbull, but I’m not sure my brain is ready for that big a switch. I also tried EventHorizon as a replacement for both ClassTimer and DoTimer, and while it’s a really neat way to view spell priority it just didn’t groove well with my playstyle. It’s worth a test for the unique “Guitar Hero”-like display if nothing else.

I am usually so careful about my UI, moving elements one pixel at a time until I am satisfied, and this is a dog’s breakfast. I’ve already noticed an overall improvment in DPS, though, so I suppose I’m just breaking a few eggs to, eventually, make a sleek face-melting omlet. Right?

On a seperate but also mod-related topic, I have never ever found an Auction House mod that I liked until No Stock UI recommended Auction Lite. It is quick, light, and adds some pretty awesome functionality to your buying and selling. It even inspired me to try my hand at “playing the AH”, and I’m pleased to say that thus far I’ve made 10g profit from buying low and selling high. I will try to not spend it all in one place.

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    April 6, 2009 at 9:56 am

    I firmly believe that the way one quits his or her guild will entirely depend on why. Sometimes leaving with a bang can make people aware of a problem they need to know about (usually leadership/officer problems in my experience.) (I can give you examples in private…!)

    On the other hand, most of the time it is not necessary!

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