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Post-PAX, Part One


I have returned from PAX and even caught up on my sleep a bit. This morning must be dedicated to non-PAX life things, and I will take the time later to write more about what I saw. For now, though, here is what I’ve written already about the convention over on the newly released Junkies Nation:

PAX Prime Experts on the Future of MMORPGs – I attended a panel with a bunch of important MMO dudes talking about the future of the genre. This is a relatively straight forward retelling of the panel.

WildStar Shows Off Player Housing – Player housing was the hot topic at both the WildStar panel and their party, and to be honest in theory it all looks pretty cool.

Hands On With the Oculus Rift – It’s not just a gimmick! The Rift is technically impressive and I think something we’ll be seeing more of in a few years.

Indie Game Highlights from PAX Prime – One of the coolest things about PAX is all the indies, and they were out in full force this year. I wrote about a few of my favorites.

Okay, I have to go dig out from under a pile of laundry. More PAX talk soon!

[Editor’s Note: I arrived home last night to discover that Gabe from Penny Arcade was saying stupid things again yesterday. I want to talk about this more in-depth, but suffice to say that I totally respect anyone’s decision to not attend or support PAX because Gabe is a hurtful person who says bad things.]


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    September 4, 2013 at 6:14 am

    Looks like you got to see a bunch of great stuff!

    I know the guys who are building Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time (they are based out of TO) and they are great and the game is looking amazing and you all need to buy it when it comes out… :)

    Also, I can’t believe PA opened that up again. It feels like Gabe must be a very insecure guy who needs to stir up shit once in a while to get his Klout score up. Or something. Sad.

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      Jessica Cook
      September 4, 2013 at 8:31 am

      Really! That is super cool — Lovers was honestly one of the top three games I saw (and played) at PAX this year and the dev guy we talked to seemed interesting.

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        September 4, 2013 at 9:28 am

        I didn’t get a chance to see Lovers, unfortunately. The PAX 10 booth was super crowded, and there was always a big line. I did get to talk to some folks at AIE ( and they are all Australian! They had a booth upstairs where they are working with a bunch of post-graduate people doing an incubator/entrepreneurship counseling. It seems awesome, and Mangle you are Australian, too, so I figure you probably know those guys…

        Also, Oculus Rift is awesome, and I totally hope I win one of those Omni treadmill things.
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