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Recruiting, Part One: the art of recruitment posts

Ah, recruiting. I remember back when the Cats could first field their own all-guild raid groups (mid-Molten Core). I had this image of us as a happy, permanent group of 40-45 people. Why would I ever have to recruit again?? And that’s a great vision, until one day you log on and discover that the healer/tank couple have an internet outage, a rogue had to work late, and your one shaman is delayed by an unexpected mother-in-law invasion. Over time I have learned that guild recruitment is much like a shark — it has to always be moving to keep the (guild) body alive.

The number one method used to attract people to your guild is a helpwantedrecruitment post. (Where and when you post it I’ll leave for a later discussion.) In the past three years I’ve posted recruitment poetry, rewritten Christmas carols to extoll the virtue of joining our guild, created fake newspaper interviews, and offered free zesty clam meat to every new member. At the end of the day, though, you can’t beat friendly, honest information. My posts are hardly perfect, but I’m gonna use one as an example anyway.

[A] PvE, PST guild of raiding dorks needs DPS!

Hi [community]!

We’ve had such wonderful luck meeting people from here that I couldn’t help but make another recruitment post. We’re Machiavellis Cat, a 3+ year old guild on the PVE, PST Uldum server. We’re currently 5/5 in Hyjal and 5/9 in BT (RoS dies on Monday!). We raid Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 6pm-9pm server time. Attendance isn’t mandatory, but I assume people want to attend as much as possible.

Machiavellis Cat likes puns, relatively proper grammar, being on prepared and on time, and kicking ass. Since we only raid 9 hours a week, we believe in making them count. We’re looking for people who want a guild home — not just ‘raid loggers’ — who are silly and snarky, and who understand that ‘Ur’ is an ancient city and not a word. Since we need DPS, bonus points if you are these things and also bring major pain.

Specifically we’d like a mage and an enhancement shaman, but if you are DPS that is NOT a rogue or a warlock, we could work something out! Machiavellis Cat has a ton of [people from this community] in the guild, and I think we’ve hit that balance of good people who are also good players.

Check out our website, and happy killing!

So first, a good recruitment post should have a subject line that makes it stand out, but also gives the pertinent information for anyone skimming the listings. I liked the word “dorks” because it’s descriptive and polarizing.

Then give the details about your guild up front — things like type of guild, raid times, raid progression, server, and so on. DON’T LIE. Recruiting someone under false pretenses will just end poorly for everyone involved. After you’ve gotten the details over with, go for a paragraph about your guild’s personality. Where do you fall on the casual – hardcore line? Are your members generally younger or older? Family friendly, or potty-mouthed? For my part, our guild tends to attract nerds (and I say that with a lot of love), so I try to make that clear.

Finally, it’s useful to leave a little bit of ambiguity about what specific classes you’re looking for. Maybe I don’t need any old DPS warrior, but if an outstanding one wants to apply I’ll sure the heck consider them!

Be up front about your guild, but definitely give your recruitment post a little polish and creativity. Obviously you think your guild is the best one in the world.. your post is the opportunity to show everyone else why that is.

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