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RIFT Dimensions: the levelling killer

I’m still in that post-expansion content glow when all I wanna do is play some RIFT.

History has proven me to be a notoriously slow leveller, and it’s certainly not a part of MMOs that I particularly enjoy. The level requirements for Storm Legion feel steeper than I’m used to, although it’s probably just the memory of gathering XP and heirlooms in WoW. That being said there are a number of ways to accrue XP in Storm Legion and I’ve managed to stave off boredom and impatience by hopping between the story quests, the carnage quests, dungeon runs, and Instant Adventure.

In fact, last week I was levelling at a frankly un-Liore-like pace. In under a week I had gone from 50 to 54 and felt on track to hit 60 in fairly short order. I wanted to be near the forefront of the new content, if for no better reason than to harvest high end nodes and bring in sweet, sweet new expansion dollars. (Money Tip: Sell all crafting materials for the first couple of months of an expansion, then level your own skills by buying materials for cheap once the market crashes.)

In fact, it was while basking in the glow of hitting 54 in good time that I decided to celebrate by buying my first dimension. I was originally intending to wait until 60, but I had the platinum in the bank to buy the biggest, most picturesque personal housing area (Dormant Core) so why not just get it now? Then later I can worry about building a house and decorating….

That was over a week ago and since that night I have earned exactly two bars of XP, which is a teeny, tiny amount. Instead I have put literal hours into perfectly aligning concrete walls, hanging lanterns, and staring at furniture vendors deciding which bed best represents Mercredi’s modern décor.

In short, dimensions are the horrible horrible wonderful timesinks that we all anticipated they would be and kudos to Trion for giving them to us. Fortunately I am going to run out of platinum for building materials soon so I’ll be forced back out into the levelling wilds.

Until then if you need me … I’ll be in my room.

The view from my house-in-progress:

The shell of my attempt at a weird mod 70s house. Originally there’s nothing here except some sand:

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    November 26, 2012 at 1:21 pm

    So that is what happened :) I was chasing you trying to catch up, then all the sudden I ended up ahead of you. I have basically sworn off dimensions until I hit 60. Based on the fact that I have like 12 houses in EQ2, I know I will end up stopping in my tracks the moment I purchase a “real” home. Currently I am sitting at 56 and just maxed out armorsmithing last night. When I manage to get 60 I will celebrate with a home as well :)
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