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RIFT Owl Pet Giveaway! Here! Right now!

Oogh, I keep trying to write a post about how players seem to frequently demand less challenge from MMOs than they do from other games, but it is just making me cranky and really Syl already approached the ideas of challenge and restrictions in a much more even-handed way.

I have sworn off Blizzard games for a while, personally, but if they offered a $5 forum-only account I swear I would get it just because there are so many PEOPLE BEING WRONG on the internet there. The hot topic on the official WoW forum now is adding a third “easy mode” raid for people who, and I am not making this up, are too lazy to gem and stuff. It’s like.. someone demanding an easier mode for the new Deux Ex installment because figuring out how to spend their Praxis points is too time consuming. Look, I am all for having content for small groups or folks with limited playtime, but these arguments frequently boil down to “Please make this game simpler because I don’t really like playing it.” It boggles the mind.

(And do not even get me started about all the people on the RIFT forum this morning complaining about their +XP, +Prestige, +Valor birthday gift vials that they merely had to log on to receive. “Oh em gee, Trion, now I am quitting because your free bonus items that you were in no way obligated to give me are not ponies.” Oh, for a way to poke people in the eye over the internet.)


Two things: first, you may notice a slight site redesign. I am still keepin’ it texty, but the old design kind of hid the list of blogs I read and it is a good list that deserves to be seen! Go visit one of them fine folks!

Second, I am giving away an owl! It’s an in-game owl pet for RIFT, and it looks like this:

RIFT owl pet

I am a very stern owl.

I haven’t used my code yet myself, but I am fairly certain that this pet will be BoA and not BoP. This pet was only available from the Trion Community Party at PAX. So how do you win? Easy:

  1. Do not be in my guild. I love you all, mes petits choux, and I have a second code to give away just for you guys.
  2. Post a comment to this thread with what shard you play on and why you like RIFT.

That’s it! I will randomly select someone in a week, on Friday the 16th. Please be sure to leave an email with your comment (it is hidden from everyone except me) so I can contact you.

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    September 9, 2011 at 4:33 am

    Aleysha at EU-Icewatch is a healing cleric with too much time on her hands. She does not attends raids ’cause being somewhat owlish herself she only goes out into the world late at night. But she is an eager dungeon explorer and she jumps at the chance to heal comrades in rifts or invasions as well.

    She used to live in Azeroth once upon a time but there was very little to do late at night by yourself or with a very small bunch of friends. Then she heard that in Telara things are very different. Just walking around might land you in the midst of a planar invasion, there are quests and adventures that can be pursued by a lone adventurer or with just the help of her spouse. She moved there and hasn’t regret a single moment of it.

    She can still pursuit her lonesome hobbies of collecting artifacts, pets, mounts but now she also has puzzles to solve, whole regions to explore with mysterious cairns hidden away in the wilderness. Even late at night there are other explorers and adventurers ready to brave a dungeon or a rift and now she’s eagerly waiting to find something called Chronicles of Telara. It promises a brand new world of adventure!

    She really loves her new home.

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    September 10, 2011 at 1:27 am

    Maybe this would be an excellent time for me to start playing RIFT ^^
    Zinn´s last post: Review – Reality is Broken by Jane McGonigal

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    September 10, 2011 at 5:17 pm

    Hey there, Kerdes here from the server Laethys. I’m a mathosian warrior, been playing since headstart and here are a few reasons why I enjoy rift.

    Progression is fairly fast, the game allows you to choose your playstyle whether it be raiding, pugs, pvp warfronts, and pve content. It is fun to play and experiment with classes and roles with the soul trees, and there always seems to be new and exciting content on the horizon.

    I have enjoyed completing achievements, gaining better gear, crafting, and completing collections (that includes artifacts, mounts, pets and the like). Even grinding notoriety can be enjoyable at times, since it is my belief that dedication and patience can take you a long way.

    Whether you are a hardcore pvper, raider, or enjoy queuing with others cross-shard for T1/T2 dungeons, raid rifts, etc. Rift has something for you, and even more so with the upcoming update 1.5 and 1.6 down the road. The game is constantly changing, improving, and players are able to make a difference. That to me is important. A fun and engaging game, is a good game.

    – Kerdes

    PS: thanks for offering this giveaway, I have provided my email.

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    clebio rocha
    September 11, 2011 at 10:10 am

    hello! i`ma playing on the Laethys shard i`m a paragon lvl 47 and i like to play rift because i can have my normal life and my gilfriend whitout leaving the game and yet be some one there.

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    Christopher Knapp
    September 14, 2011 at 1:13 pm

    I play a 50 Cleric named Povar on Wolfsbane. I have been playing MMORPG’s since EQ1 released. I am a fiend, a FIEND , for collecting all the giveaways and in game items for all the games I play. I cant even tell you how much I have spent to collect them all. Everquest 2 and their card game giveaway items for in game made me spend A LOT of money. I love them more then raid loot.

    I wasn’t able to go to PAX this year due to medical issue with my girlfriend, so I couldn’t get my codes for the goggles and the owl.

    I would love this owl because I love companion pets to the point where I grind faction just to collect them all. I didn’t even buy my white turtle mount because I kept spending my tokens on companions =).

    Thank you for your consideration in the owl companion contest. Best of luck to everyone.

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    September 15, 2011 at 8:54 pm

    Last minute post (just stumbled here). 35 warrior on Greybriar here. I completely agree with you about people whining that games they play need to be easier. And I was actually laughing about the complaining for the half birthday gifts. I for one loved it since I’m an alt junkie.

    Which is one of many reasons I love Rift. The sheer number of soul combinations! I’ve been playing mmos since EQ1 vanilla, and no other mmo I’ve played has made it so engaging and fun to build your character. Starting to get weary of being ranged dps? Switch to a rogue tank! Or combine the two!

    Trion has pretty much made a game that almost everyone can shape to their liking. Solo play is easily doable, and no other mmo has made grouping so simple. Join the public group or raid, take out the invasion/rift, leave group, go back to questing. I never raided in wow because of the flames of hate that seem ever present, but I’m in a raid every time I play now because of rift.

    Lastly. Trion devs actually treat you like a customer and person, and not just a number. Proof to me is that they officially don’t support Linux. Yet when they patched the game for 1.4 Linux users couldn’t play through Wine. The devs actually released a hotfix which made it so Wine would work again. Support like that shows care and commitment to your players, which gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when I play.

    Thank you for reading, and thank you for writing.


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    November 10, 2011 at 1:08 pm

    Midnyte here, from U.S. Wolfsbane, Guardian Mage.

    There will always be two sides to every coin, whiners and elitests, casuals and hardcores, pvp and non-pvp etc. Game makers try and target as many players as they can by tuning the MMO games for a broud audience.

    I like this game because of its simple but yet complex charactor leveling up system. You only need at max 4 toons, but those charactors can do so much in terms of offering skills to the group/raid/ and solo. The graphics are incredible and there always seems like there is so much to do.

    I also like the fact that the designers didnt just release a game and forget about it, every patch we get is bigger and better, they are constantly fixing anything wrong, tracking down gold sellers, and giving us new content continuously.

    Much better than any other MMO I have played. UO, EQ, SWG, EQ2, WoW, I am settled with Rift it is just that good.
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