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RIFT Roundup: server transfers and levelling through PvP

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As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I have recently rededicated myself to RIFT and part of that will involve writing more regularly about gameplay and not just yelling at the industry in general. Mostly. Well look, I’ll try. The point is, this is the first of a regular RIFT Roundup feature!

Server Transfers are Easy

It had been clear for some time that our original server, Byriel, was low population. After some discussion, we decided to transfer the guild to Deepwood, the most populated PvE server. Characters in RIFT can transfer for free every 7 days, and guild leaders can tote their guild around with them.

The transfer procedure is laughably easy:

  1. Make sure you qualify: Your character must be over level 15. Characters between levels 1-40 can only carry 3 platinum per level on them. You cannot have transferred in the last 7 days. Your mailbox must be empty.
  2. Log out to the character selection screen. Hit the “Transfer” button. Select your new shard and click “Transfer”.
  3. Type “transfer” to confirm the switch at the prompt.
  4. Wait 5 seconds or so. Done! Do a little “new server” dance.

If you have to change your name, you can select a new one the next time you log in. (January the cleric is now Mercredi.)

So what if you have a guild? You’ll be asked during the transfer process if you want to bring your guild with you. The guild bank must be empty, including the coins, so if you have an active guild make sure you spec out of Tithe first!

The next time you log in your guild will be there and you’ll be leader. Any guildies who log on to the old server will be notified about the move and told where they can find the guild now. Upon transferring, the character will automatically appear in the guild, although at the “Recruit” rank. Because Trion is awesome, if a guildie had to change their character name during the transfer the old name will appear in the “Officer Notes” field.

As for the results of our shard change? Total success! To quote a Cat, “I was in Meridian on Byriel and there were five people in the city, counting me. I transferred to Deepwood, logged in, and there were at least five people standing on me!” High level players are a lot happier to have more pug action, and lowbies like me are running around to all the zone events being triggered. If you are wondering if you should take the plunge, I cannot recommend it enough.

Tricks and Tips for Levelling through PvP

The next RIFT patch, which is rumored to drop on Wednesday, will include Instant Adventures for folks under level 45. Although I haven’t done an IA myself yet, my understanding is that it’s sort of like queueing for a zone event. You get teleported into an Adventure with other random folks, kill things and accomplish goals, and in about 45 minutes it’s all over and you can queue again. The rewards include planarite and other planar things, XP/PA points, and reputation with various zones. I’ve heard nothing but awesomeness about IAs and I can’t wait to try them myself after Wednesday.

Part of my excitement stems from the fact that as usual I dislike questing to level. If I had to identify a weakness of RIFT it’s that their standard quests are pretty boring and definitely uninspired. Get 10 bear ears. Kill 8 evil goblins. Escort this incredibly stupid NPC across the map. You know the ones. Thanks, but no thanks.

Thus far I’ve leveled almost entirely through PvP, and while it’s more fun for me this way it does take a bit of planning so I won’t end up with a weird character at level 50. A few things I’d recommend are:

  • Planarite and Sourcestones: These are great for gear upgrades now and of course you’ll need a mountain of them at level 50 for various things. If you can, play the Planar Invasion lootable from the RIFT Mobile app for ~200 planarite a day and random sourcestones.
  • Porticulums: My advice is to go get at least one portal in each zone as early as possible. Yes, it is a pain in the butt and yes you might have to corpse hop to some of them, but it helps a lot with…
  • High Level Zone Events: Of course you should be doing zone events in equal level zones when they pop up for planar rewards and XP, but I would also recommend checking out events in the high level zones too. You won’t be able to contribute a lot of course, but join the event raid and throw around some baby heals or DPS. You’ll get a LOT of XP.
  • Triage your reputations: Non-PvP reputations are tough to get right now, but will be a lot easier using low level Instant Adventures. Figure out which ones have serious gear upgrades for you now or which will be more important to you at 50, and focus on those.
  • Buy or make gear: Upgrades are pretty few and far between for sub-50s in PvP, and you’re going to have to suppliment it. If you have crafting guildies, you can always talk to them. Otherwise I recommend picking up 3 gathering skills (and gather in between queues) so you can make some plat and buy your upgrades. You definitely shouldn’t do what I did and realise at level 33 that you’re still wearing your starting zone belt and a level 3 +dodge ring (on my healer).
  • Favor: There’s not a lot to spend it on until 50, but you should buy the mecha-pony (edit: or valmera for Guardians) at level 25. It’s faster than other starting mounts and looks rad.

I’m still going to have more things to do at 50 than someone who did the standard questing path, but at least I will never be short of projects!

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  • Reply
    June 21, 2012 at 1:32 pm

    The mechapony is, of course, for the defiants. Guardians get a valmera (two-tailed cat mount), which is equally awesome. Nice write-up! I created a defiant on Deepwood awhile ago (she’s 33 now, I think). Maybe I’ll see you all around!

  • Reply
    June 21, 2012 at 1:37 pm

    Oh right!! Thanks for the clarification. I forgot about those pesky Guardians. :)

    (The valmeras look pretty cool, too.)

  • Reply
    June 21, 2012 at 1:44 pm

    My main beef with spending favor pre-50 is that you have to go to the level-appropriate zones to find the zone pvp vendors. This may fit in with your “go to all the porticulums” advice, but it’s still a pain.

    • Reply
      June 21, 2012 at 1:48 pm

      Okay, see, I didn’t even know there WERE pvp vendors outside of the main PvP building in Meridian or Sanctum. You have just given me my project for tonight!

  • Reply
    June 21, 2012 at 1:56 pm


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