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The CoH Nerf and You. Yes You, DPS.

I posted a version of this on my guild site for Patch Day, and I figured it fit here too. I’ll have some CoH feedback after we finish up Naxx tonight, but it is, in fact, not the end of Priests as we know it. But let’s look at how the change affects the rest of the raid…


Look. Healers know stuff. We watch the status of the raid for a (WoW) living. We know when you pulled aggro, we know when you stood in the AoE too long, and usually we know who pulled that extra pack of mobs. CoH was a one-button solution to everything, and while it wasn’t a ton of fun to play that way it sure was effective. So. No more CoH and WG. What does that mean to you, a DPSer? (Wait, it means something to DPS?)

1) You are even less likely to stay alive while standing in AoE. We could kind of cover for you before in fights when there wasn’t a TON of overall damage (ie. NOT Sapphiron’s blizzard), but that’s not possible. To be honest, I think some folks have gotten kind of used to standing in unpleasant things and continuing to slug or cast. I’ve watched it happen. This is a bad habit, and won’t be sustainable anymore.

2) Things like Vortex, where the raid or a large portion of it take inescapable damage, are going to hurt more. Consider starting to collect a stamina set for those fights, like in the old days of Bloodboil.

3) We are going to survive fewer bad pulls. That pull last night on the way to Thaddius with a pack of geists, two giants, and a shade? While our DPS is pretty hot, I feel that we would not have survived that without trivializing the instance with druids and priests (!!). We should try and be more careful about where we’re standing.

In short, our overpowered heals allowed the raid as a whole to get a little sloppy with stuff. We won’t have that buffer anymore. Healer or DPS – don’t stand in bad crap.

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    January 22, 2009 at 4:46 pm

    BRAVO! As a dps, I will honor your wishes of a more responsible dps’er.

    Good Luck out there

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    January 27, 2009 at 3:11 pm

    Definitely! We had so many people standing in the red spinny stuff in OS the other night that I wanted to reach through the computer and shake them.

    10 dead later, and maybe they’ve started getting the point.

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      February 11, 2009 at 6:48 pm

      Our main tank joked one night in exasperation that the red spinny areas are in fact NOT portals and the dps to NOT have to run up to them. /facepalm

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