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The Temptation of Patch 5.4

For the past couple of months myself and a few of my friends have been meeting up on Monday nights to play WoW. I was pretty cranky about it at first — ugh, WoW? Why? — but we rolled brand new characters on a new faction and a new server (and no heirlooms!) and it turned out to be legitimately fun to get on Mumble with the gang and see all the changes to dungeons from level 1 up. I log on at 7pm, log off at 9:30pm, and don’t have a single thought about WoW until the next Monday. I liked it that way.


Last night while we were playing I mentioned that as I logged in I saw a warning about a patch. The response was an explosion of details from my friends. “Yes, it’s 5.4 and it’s the best patch of the expansion! There are solo challenges. And a raid where you kill Garrosh! And flex raiding! And a new zone! And a pet battle tournament!”*

That just opened up the floodgates I think, because then they started talking about all the things us clueless casual quitters may have missed about the expansion in general, like the Black Market and the Brawler’s Guild.

I tried to ignore them. La la la I play a baby cat druid 2 hours a week and I like it that way. I am happy to not know everything about WoW, unlike my TBC/WotLK days, and enjoy being genuinely surprised by things in the game.

After I logged off at 9:30pm, though, something stuck with me, and that’s the Proving Grounds. It’s a single-player scenario that can be completed by healers (or DPS or tanks, but whatever). Participants will be awarded a result and gold, silver, or bronze medals, and the best of the best will be listed on a leaderboard. Gear is normalized for all participants, and everyone has equal buffs. So I can compete for being an awesome healer, on my own, with little but skill as a measurement. Oh Blizzard. You beautiful bastards.

So anyway, maybe I should level Liore to 90. You know, just to keep up with expansions and all.

* All quotes from friends are paraphrased. They don’t actually speak with so many exclamation points. Well, Ellyndrial kind of does.

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    September 10, 2013 at 11:33 am

    Holy cow, do I ever feel you there. I haven’t played since November of 2012 but ever since I heard about the Proving Grounds, I’ve been a little excited at the prospect. I’m sure I’ll come back to the game sometime before 6.0 (since I definitely want to try to get realm-first skinning for the next expansion — realm-first profession has never been something I’ve achieved), but I’m not quite there yet.

    Still, it’s posts like this that make me wonder “eh, what’s another few months of subscription?” ;)

    Holding out for now…!

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    September 10, 2013 at 12:57 pm

    Ahhhhh I didn’t know that the Proving Grounds normalized gear. Blizzard you clever, clever people. That is so deviously clever!


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      September 10, 2013 at 12:58 pm

      So clever! Ahem.

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