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The July season ended in Hearthstone early Friday morning and I had a final rank of 18, which is just fine with me. For some reason I feel compelled to up my game though, and I’d love to see something more like rank 15 in August. To that end I’ve been working on a variety of decks and I finally managed to kill Faerlina, my first successful Heroic Naxx boss, so I feel like I might be making some skill progress. (I used a cheap homage to egg zoo.)

Otherwise not much time to play games this week unfortunately, although I did run the tower defense Adventure in WildStar a few times with friends.



I wrote a somewhat contentious blog post earlier this week (more on that later!) and there were some interesting posts on similar topics, including one from Syl on Your Last MMO Ever and the Troubles of Aging Together and one by Cuppy who Refuses to Believe that MMOs are Dead.

In non-game writing, Arthur Chu has been on an essay bender this week with two great pieces for the Daily Beast on The Case Against Cards Against Humanity and Justine Tunney, Neoreactionaries, and the New 1%.



No new recipes this week, but I did finally get to sample the Peach and Lemon Thyme Freezer Jam I made last weekend and it is honestly pretty amazing. I got the flavor idea from this recipe but I did mine differently: mash about 8 skinned, pitted peaches with a potato masher. Add a few squirts of lemon juice (fresh is preferred), 3/4 cup white sugar, 3/4 cup brown sugar, a package of freezer jam pectin, and roughly two tablespoons of chopped fresh thyme leaves. Done!

Freezer jam is totally the best thing to make in the summer because you never have to turn on your stove.



I know I linked a Dark Souls playthrough last week but this one deserved special mention because it’s done by folks from my favorite gaming podcast, Crate and Crowbar.

Jesse Cox and Jirard from The Completionist play indie platformer hit, Shovel Knight.

My guild is currently holding a Hearthstone tournament and one of the first showdowns was between frequent Spelunky streamer Kinch and Cat Context co-host Ellyndrial.

In non-game things I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy yesterday, and man that movie is fun. I think in retrospect I probably enjoyed it even more than The Avengers! I liked the goofball underdog vibe, and the world-building in Guardians was really good. There are plenty of aliens and panoramic space scenes, plus dogfights with spaceships make excellent use of modern 3D technology.



This week on Herding Cats I did a quick post about the new Plague Wing in Hearthstone and some tools to make podcast editing with Audacity even faster. We also released episode 56 of Cat Context, which was mostly abut Destiny and Hearthstone, and I wrote a cranky post about how I feel MMOs and I may be going our separate ways.

There were a lot of really great comments for that post from folks who both agreed and disagreed with what I was saying, but one of my favorites was by Ocho, who said in part:

“Awwww. I feel you. The genre has absolutely changed, so much so that, and I hate to say it, it’s possible that what you are feeling is that the target audience itself has changed, and you are no longer a part of that target. And that’s okay. Things evolve, decades pass. MMO monogamists are becoming more and more an endangered species.”

I think his point is very true, and one that I should take to heart. Sometimes things you like just change into something you don’t like as much. It’s the nature of time.



My cat thinks I should stop taking so many selfies:

My Jam for the week is Disco 2000 by Pulp! This is one of my most favorite songs ever, and I just realized it’s almost 20 years old ahhhhhhh.

Meanwhile on Twitter I made a callout for MMO podcast owners that I want to repeat out here — get in touch if you’re not on that page and you’d like to be!

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    I missed that callout on Twitter, and I checked the post in reference and Couch Podtatoes isn’t listed. I love new exposure, so yeah add us up! or
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    Murf´s last post: Weekly Encore: #Blaugust I Edition

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      Jessica Cook
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      Said cat is Spike, aka Princess Spikeypants. He likes standing awkwardly on things while looking wild-eyed, eating treats without chewing them first, and people with soft laps.

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