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I borrowed the idea for this post from Mr. Murf Versus. He said I could!



In Hearthstone I seem to have found my equilibrium at level 18 in ranked. Last night I played for three hours and after a few runs up and a few back down I ended up exactly where I started, two stars into 18. All of my ranked games are with an aggro pally deck that’s heavy on 1-drops, but I feel like I’m missing some firepower if the match gets to mid-game so I might need to revise.

In WildStar I’ve been plugging away to level cap, hitting 47 last night. That opened up the Malgrave Trail adventure, which is apparently patterned after Oregon Trail. Even more importantly, though, I got to level 26 in Scientist levels which means my first piece of mount flair! My hoverbike now has a turnip in a specimen jar on the back. I wish WildStar had non-combat pets, but being able to decorate your mount is pretty satisfying on the cosmetic front.



Herding the Masses on ArcheAge and the Path of Predictability. Also Geek Sprinkles on Why This Carebear Thinks ArcheAge Shouldn’t Have a PvE Server.

Jenny Reads 50 Shades of Grey.

The Bloggess on Women Who Are Ambivalent About Women Against Feminism.



Going to a Farmer’s Market is dangerous for my time and my wallet, particularly at this time of year. So much amazing produce, and I want to cook it all! I have three recipes to share this week, although unfortunately thanks to the necessities of curing and pickling I can’t confirm how good any of them are for another couple of weeks yet.

Peach and Lemon Thyme Freezer Jam
Pickled Beets from Epicurious
Gravlax with Mustard Sauce by Ina Garten



I’ve been watching Slowbeef play Dark Souls on YouTube. This is definitely a “second monitor” LP — it’s not that gripping on its own, but Dark Souls was such a phenomenon and has been so lauded for its storytelling devices that I wanted to see what the deal was.

On the other hand, the Slowbeef and Lowtax playthrough of ancient Sierra game Phantasmagoria (referenced frequently by Arolaide on the podcast!) is totally worth the primary monitor.

In non-game news this week I started Fringe, which is available on Netflix. It’s a lot like Supernatural in format, if a little more dark and serious. I’ve just about finished season one and I’ve been quite enjoying it, if nothing else for John Noble’s delightful wacky scientist routine. I’ll be interested to see how the show does in their second season once the characters have gelled a little more.



This week on Herding Cats I talked about my favorite Hearthstone cards and how Draenor’s Garrisons are not housing.

The comment highlight goes to Tesh from the latter topic, who said:

“It does take a special kind of courage to effectively say “screw you, player base and industry at large, we’re doing what we want to”. The interesting thing is, players buy it anyway and subscribe anyway.”

I dislike how downright mocking Blizzard has been over the years towards “fluff” systems like costumes and housing. It’s okay to not think a system is right for your game, but they’ve frequently given off the vibe that anything that isn’t serious war orc business is for babies and I find it irritating.



I don’t post on Google+ very often, but it “Auto Awesomed” some of my photos from last night’s Celebration of Light fireworks here in Vancouver and I really like the effect:


Meanwhile on Tumblr I posted this amazing Sailor Moon fan art.


And finally, real talk on Twitter about Pacific Rim:

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