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Totally Legit Pod 111: Mass Effect Super Show


That’s right, it’s time for Mass Effect: Andromeda, otherwise known as Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace. We recorded this the day before the game launched, so it seemed appropriate to discuss all things Mass Effect.

We’re sharing our list of the best and worst companions, including a discussion of why Jacob is just so boring. Also, does anyone remember Vega, because Liore sure forgot about him.

We also take on some of the tepid reviews of Andromeda, and discuss how they’ve tempered our expectations, but also how janky animations are not the only reason we love this series.

Also, enjoy Aro’s list of Top Five Garruses! Elly’s partner revises his companion list for more Garrus! And Liore… well, it turns out Garrus is one of the few characters she DIDN’T kill in Mass Effect 2.

This podcast is also available as an unedited video:

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