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Totally Legit Pod 114: Overwatch anniversary, Destiny 2, Persona 5

This week Liore, Arolaide, and Ellyndrial.. huh, talk about video games? Weird!

Overwatch is celebrating its first anniversary, and Aro reports on the eternal quest for cool skins in lockboxes. She also tried Heroes of the Storm as part of an Overwatch promotion, and has strong feelings on her first MOBA experience.

Activision and Bungie announced Destiny 2, and we are… a little excited? Elly is unsure why the game decided to go through the launcher, while Liore thinks it’s a smooth marketing plan.

Liore played 30 hours of Persona 5 over a three day period, and she’s not ashamed! She talks about why the game is so good and how many monsters look like giant wangs (hint: more than 0).

This podcast is also available as an unedited video:

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    June 6, 2017 at 7:50 pm

    Do not fear finishing up Andromeda. It actually wraps up the main story line pretty concisely. In fact the prologues go on almost too long!

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