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What Liore Wants to See on Your Guild App

While we have a set application procedure, recruitment for the Cats has always relied upon a certain amount of gut instinct. As a “casualcore” guild my first priority is for finding people who are a good fit for the guild culture, and then I worry about whether they’re a good player or not. (True story: I once turned down a Gladiator with Sarth 3D and The Immortal complete because they said that they couldn’t be bothered with grammar or spelling.)

This morning World of Matticus has a post on What GMs Want to See on Your Guild App. I agree with much of that post, but of course there are a few unique twists when it comes to applying to my guild in particular.

Invite meh!

Invite meh!

1) Spelling, grammar, and punctuation DO COUNT. In an era where everything comes with a spell check feature, there is no excuse for posting applications with obviously misspelled words. And pay attention to your WoW terms, as well. Declaring that you completed “Blackwing Layer” will not help your app.

2) Be wordy. Matticus posts that apps to his guild should be concise, but for my guild it’s usually the opposite. The more I — and the rest of the guild — can glean about your character and your personality from your post, the more likely we are to be interested in inviting you. Historically some of our best new members have written huge multi-page treatises on themselves and WoW.

3) Stats are good, but personal impressions are better. Which fight do you enjoy the most, and why? Which fights do you hate? What can you do better? What do you do really well? I want to get a sense of what you like about the game — and that you like the game at all. In my experience people get more out of raiding if they do what they enjoy, from tank healing to the top ranged DPS. Let me know what that role is, and then I’ll get a better sense of how we can make that happen.

4) A drama-less guild history is very helpful. Explain why you’re looking for a new guild, or why you left your old one. Don’t go into drama, though. If you badmouth your old guild, I figure you’ll badmouth mine one day too. (And if there were some previous issues, be honest. I’ve had apps refuse to divulge their old guild, which is an immediate disqualification.)

I think there is one basic thing that every single GM, from casual to uber hardcore, wants to see on an app: they want to know why YOU want to join THEIR guild. Not why you want a guild, but why that specific guild is good for you. Yes, that’s right, guild leaders are hardly free from ego and we all think our guild is special. Make us think that you believe it’s special too, and you’ve gone a long way towards getting that invite.


Thanks to Twisted Nether and Bellbell for the nice Welcome (Wagon) to the WoW blogging community!

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    February 23, 2009 at 12:59 pm

    can i jion ur giuld??. i ahm goude casstar. pew pew. lolz.

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    February 23, 2009 at 10:13 pm

    Going off at a slight tangent, a work colleague of mine (who can spell!) actually calls is Blackwing Layer, he also talks about “Northend” a lot and horribly mangles , what seem to me, very straight-forward names in the game. He can spell but can’t read ;)

    Hulan’s last blog post..Woe Is Me!

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      February 24, 2009 at 11:16 am

      I called Ulduar “Uludar” for the longest time…

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