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Where is Bubble?!: a pvp guide for Scrolled holy pallies (WoW)

I am almost at level 81 on my paladin after running a few BGs, and I am starting to very slowly figure out what my buttons do.

If you are thinking of using the Scroll of Resurrection to magically create a level 80 character, and plan to run Battlegrounds, be prepared to die. A lot. Quickly. Although Blizzard kindly grants scrolled characters a full set of green gear with stats suiting their main spec, your opponents generally have full heirloom gear. My plate-wearer has around 26k health when buffed, while the rogues that literally two-shot me are between 50k-70k.

I created my new paladin on a server different from my other level-capped characters, so I currently have no heirlooms and no guild perks. I plan to invest in a full set of PvP blues when I hit 85 so I don’t really want to spend too much on gear now. Also, leveling is strangely slow with no perks or heirlooms. Basically I just hide in towers in AV and otherwise die a lot while slowly earning XP. It’s weird, and slightly masochistic, and pretty fun.

On that note, a quick guide to Scrolled pally pvp:

Glyphs: Get some! I recommend Glyph of Seal of Insight, Glyph of Holy Shock, and Glyph of Word of Glory for the Prime spots. I read a bit about these, but mostly I just cribbed off of Blessing of Kings‘ Coriel.

Holy Shock – Heals, hurts, stacks holy power, instant. Use it every time it’s up. With the default Scroll holy spec, this has a disc bubble-like proc that is a result of the holy Mastery stat.

Flash of Light – Fast, expensive heal. With the default Scroll holy spec you will occasionally proc some procy thing that makes this instant — the spell on your hotbar will gain a glowing border. Use it then!

Word of Glory – Heals based on how much holy power you have stacked, instant. Use it if you have 2+ HP stacked.

The point to these three spells is that they can all be instant, and I have found relative success just running around BGs and flailing at these buttons. Note that this is PvP only, and probably a bad idea for PvE.

Seals and Judgements and Blessings and Hands are the kinds of things that pallies used to talk about over Mumble during raids while I hummed to myself. Reading is for suckers, so I recommend you just start with the spells below.

When you respawn at a graveyard (and oh, you will) buff yourself with three spells:

Seal of Insight – Returns mana and health when you melee, glyphed will give +5% to healing. If you are ready for advanced pallying, use with Judgement to hit a mob with the force of holy power.

Blessing of Kings – Buffs the raid’s stats by 5%, giving you more sweet, sweet stamina. There is also Blessing of Might. Somewhere. I think.

Beacon of Light – 50% – 100% of the heals you cast on others (depending on the specific spell used) will heal yourself at the same time. With the default Scroll holy spec, using Flash of Light on your Beacon-ed self will create a stack of Holy Power.

Put these two utility spells on your action bar as well:

Cleanse – With the default Scroll holy spec, this removes one magic, poison, and disease from the target, says Wowhead. (“and”? Really?) Friends don’t let friends die from dots.

Divine Shield – The infamous bubble! Run away!

There. Three healing spells, three buffs, and two utility spells. Note that this is an incredible simplification of holy paladin abilities. Priests are kind of infamous for having a million different healing spells, but I am truly boggled at the number of cooldowns pallies contend with. You can save people, boost your heals, produce mana, remove others from snares, and so much more.

However, arguably a hotbar with these eight spells will at least get you through your first Battleground. I’m going to have to learn how and when to use most of these cooldowns to be a great PvP healer, but everyone starts somewhere.

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    April 10, 2012 at 1:36 pm

    I think in the first set of three spells, you mean Flash of Light, not Holy Light. Holy Light is the slow, weak, cheap heal. Flash of Light is the fast, strong, expensive one.

    The disc-like bubble is actually our Mastery. It procs off all heals and puts a small bubble (X% of the heal) on the target.

    I’d recommend one more spell for the beginning Holy Paladin PvP healer, and that’s Beacon of Light. Just put Beacon on yourself, and you’ll get free healing when you heal others. Put it on yourself, because that’s really the only target you can guarantee to be alive and in range in PvP.

    Possibly arrange it into 3 sections: 3 healing spells, 3 self-buffs (Seal, Beacon, Blessing), and the 2 major utility spells.
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    • Reply
      April 10, 2012 at 1:50 pm

      Oh drat.. that’s what I get for being lazy and trying to do it from memory. Thanks for the correction and the inside scoop!

      I didn’t even realize I could cast Beacon on myself. I am in full facepalm mode.

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