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WildStar Guild // Cat Context 51: Child of Light, TESO, Heroes of the Storm

A few blog readers (hello!) have popped in over at my guild to see if they can join in the fun for WildStar, and of course the answer is yes! We have a bunch of people, myself included, who are psyched for launch.

If you, dear reader, are looking for guildies who are smart, funny, and nice, people who don’t use slurs of any kind, and a guild that is focused on taking your time levelling and only very vague plans for raiding in the future (like, maybe occasionally if we find a small guild alliance?) then you are totally welcome to join us on the Exile side of a PvE-RP server to be announced.


The following podcast was ready earlier in the week, but I’m just putting it out now. Partially I’ve been super swamped at work, but also I’ve been struggling with a resurgence of my depression this week. I’m only mentioning it because I thought it was a good reminder that mental health is a journey and sometimes you gotta stop and rotate the tires.



This week Liore, Arolaide, and Ellyndrial have been playing games! A lot of games!

Both Liore and Aro have been playing Child of Light and think it is, like, so pretty you guys. Speaking of pretty, Aro has also been playing the WildStar open beta and has come around on the Aurin. Elly, meanwhile, has been playing the Heroes of the Storm technical alpha, and is angry about cash shops. He’s also still in TESO and having a good time. Meanwhile Liore has gone back to 2011 and finally finished Bastion. It’s really good, but you probably already knew that.

Also, we argue a bit about cash shops and free-to-play! And talk about Mass Effect because it’s never a bad time to talk about Mass Effect.

Like to watch? This podcast has a livestreamed video version:

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* Limb Repair Station, a free browser-based game.
* The famous fan breakdown of Tali’s sweat.
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    May 31, 2014 at 4:57 am

    I’ve looked at Child of Light and wasn’t sure if I wanted to play it or not. Based purely on Aro’s description of it being like Alundra, I’m in. I knew what you were talking about!

    BTW, Alundra was a spiritual successor to Landstalker, a game on the Genesis. Same platforming and tactical action-rpg combat, lots of puzzles. If you’re looking for an experience pretty close to Alundra, you could do a lot worse than emulating Landstalker as a ROM, or you can even buy a port of it on Steam for only $2.99, though I have no idea how good a port it was.

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