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WoW 10th Anniversary – you still can’t go home again

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Oh WoW, you tricky beast, you almost got me again.

This little bit of news just came out:


My first reaction was excitement! Look, Tarren Mill vs. Southshore like the old days! And 40 man, max level Molten Core! And a fire corgi. Oh my god I should resubscribe like right now!

But hang on a second, let’s think about this. 40-man Molten Core was amazing back in the day, and killing Ragnaros the first time remains one of my favorite moments in the game. But since then I’ve soloed him in Molten Core and killed him again a few times in Firelands. I’ve already spent a lot of time with Mr. Rags.

And honestly LFR for a 40-man raid sounds like a nightmare. I’m not sure how Blizzard will tune the bosses, but I’m betting the fights will be easier (at best) or even tweaked and changed to make them manageable for an army of strangers.

And really, you can’t go home again as they say. Remember the time that druid got Geddon’s bomb and ran right at the guild leader? Remember ice block competitions on Garr, fighting to see who could block the highest in the air? Remember when you told that hair-trigger warrior to look through the hole in the rock to see Ragnaros and he was soooo mad as you cackled?

Man, those were good times. But I sure am not going to have similar times rolling over comparatively easy content with 39 strangers.

I loved playing in Tarren Mill vs. South Shore battles back in the day! I did it a ton as a level 30-ish priestie, before raid frames even existed. You would just randomly click on people in the mob and slam your heal buttons hoping to do some good somewhere.

But honestly, WoW just doesn’t do mob PvP very well. It’s fun for short periods of time, but part of the fun back in the day was that it was all new. I had never even seen a shaman in action before!

As for the corgi pet.. well, it’s totally adorable, but if I’m not playing the game then I don’t really need a pet, right?

And that, friends, is how I talked myself through of a bout of WoW madness. Good on those folks who like the game and are excited for the anniversary events — I hope you have a great time. But I’ve already done those things once before and although they were wonderful, going back now just wouldn’t be the same at all.

PS: Is it just me, or does this look bad for a WoD release date? If Molten Core is “max level” then it seems unlikely WoD would drop before the anniversary. American Thanksgiving looks more likely all the time!

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    August 6, 2014 at 10:03 am

    This is part of the topic I wrote on yesterday, but not directly. I’m starting to wonder if you and I share a lot of thought processes ;) Anyway, I was writing on figuring out what you really, truly enjoy about a game instead of letting a game become EVERYTHING for you, or despising a game and its creators for failing to entertain you. It all fits in with the games you choose going forward and learning how to create new memories by recognizing the context of the old grand moments, and sometimes letting them just be memories.

    Anyway, you’re spot on–it’s not the same. It shouldn’t be the same! One thing I hear quite often is how everyone wants the original Ultima Online back to play. Well no, you probably don’t because a lot of technology has changed and you’ve grown older and your life is different, so you’re not going to have the same time to play and the entire context of the game will have changed because YOU are a different person. But what you want is the same feeling of living a truly virtual world or the freedom to impact the game world through personal choices or open world PVP with a big risk factor or…so on.

    By the way, my favourite memory of WoW is telling a new friend that we would all have to jump off the top of Oculus to leave the instance. He did.

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      Jessica Cook
      August 6, 2014 at 10:40 am

      Ah hahaha. I laughed out loud at the Oculus story.

      And yeah, Blaugust gets high marks in my book if for no other reason than being the catalyst for me discovering your blog! :)

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    August 6, 2014 at 10:19 am

    If I get the message, then this goes in November? Unlikely to overlap with “pre-patch” content which is a 2-3 week affair before launch. Kinda works out to mid-December on my calendar. Can’t go earlier unless they make some rather radical changes to their beta process and launch early October. What fun speculation is!
    Asmiroth´s last post: Interstellar – On My List

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    August 6, 2014 at 12:03 pm

    Agreed. It’s not nearly as exciting as it could be. I think they should’ve gone with some time-unlocked expansion servers ala EverQuest and launched a few Vanilla servers for people to jump in on. I think that’d be a much bigger boon coming into the new expansion. Maybe more so if they were experience boosted so reliving the entire WoW canon plays out up until the expansion.
    Murf´s last post: Turning Gaming Into a Wasteland: Polygon’s Contribution

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    Wilhelm Arcturus
    August 6, 2014 at 1:39 pm

    Downtime? Aren’t wussing out on Blaugust, are you?

    So much has changed in the game in the last decade such that recreating some of the early fun just isn’t possible. (Plus, how did they miss putting some sort of automated Chuck Norris joke generator in Barrens Chat? Big oversight!)

    The classes aren’t what they used to be. The same people aren’t around. And putting Tarran Mill vs. Southshore in a BG removes some of the spontaneous lopsided desperate charm of the original.

    Like Murph, I’d like to see them play with some sort of vanilla server, no transfers to it, no cross-realm mail from your alts, and everybody swamping the starter zones. Only there was Cataclysm, so going back to REAL vanilla is a chore, one unlikely to be take on by Blizz.
    Wilhelm Arcturus´s last post: Civilization – We Have Met The Enemy, And It Is The Game Itself

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      Jessica Cook
      August 6, 2014 at 2:58 pm

      Hahaha, as I was posting that warning about the server move I actually thought that it happened to also be a good excuse to weasel out of a few days of Blaugust. Look, we all can’t write at your pace! ;)

      • Reply
        August 7, 2014 at 9:56 am

        I wrote a blog post last night for me and you, Liore.

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    August 6, 2014 at 5:14 pm

    No! Bad Warcraft BAD! Stop giving me those big sad eyes! I refuse to go back I refuse….tarren mill vs southshore….blizzard why do you….Just take my money! >.<
    John´s last post: Finding Inspiration In Games

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    August 6, 2014 at 11:24 pm

    Thankfully I didn’t see the mythic days of Tarren Mill vs Southshore – though I played on a PVE-RP server so maybe they never were that epic there.

    As for the rest, meh. Honestly Trion should be suing over the reskinned corgi pet… ;-)
    Telwyn´s last post: Back home and some blogging catchup

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    Carried to Greatness | Tales of the Aggronaut
    August 8, 2014 at 4:04 am

    […] Liore made a post earlier this week about that you can’t go back home, and it is true.  While everything about this event is laced with the drug that is nostalgia…  none of it is real.  How we feel about that time in World of Warcraft is an accumulation of everything that was happening at the time.  It was the people and the places and the fact that there was literally nothing else to do at the time, because WoW was the only game on the market that offered anything vaguely close to this.  No amount of wishing is going to actually turn back the clock and recapture the joy and experiences you had back then.  Don’t get me wrong… I will probably log in during the event to get my shiny trinkets… but I go into it knowing this is a pale comparison to the way things actually were.  There is no such thing as going home, because both you and the place you are going have changed in the process of getting away from it. […]

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